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Big Dents No Body Filler. All Paintless Dent Repair

Updated: Jun 9

Smashed front fender
Honda CRV right front fender smashed in
Paintless dent repair saved this smashed fender
Honda CRV fender no longer smashed

Large dents like these don't necessarily have to go to a body shop for time consuming, invasive, and not to mention costly repairs. Your damage could be a perfect candidate for Paintless Dent Removal. To determine if your damage/dent is right for Paintless dent repair let's go over a few things to help the process along smoothly. First is the paint badly damaged? If so your dent may actually need an auto body shop due to the fact that removing the dent may actually cause the paint damage to worsen during the repair process. If the paint is damaged the movement of the metal back to its factory form may cause further fracture and make the repair look worse. The depth/ sharpness of the center of the dent. Paintless dent repair has its limits when it comes to bringing the metal back to its original state. As the metal is becoming dented it's stretching to absorb the impact of the object. Once that metal has become overstretched Paintless dent repair becomes very difficult to bring back to normal. Overstretched metal is usually unrepairable and would need to have the panel replaced. Paintless dent repair can be a very beneficial repair for your vehicle if you don't have one of these issues with the dent. Paintless dent removal is an approved repair process by all vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies. Paintless dent repairs are usually completed the same day and with smaller dents usually in about an hour. Paintless dent repair will help maintain your vehicle's appearance by keeping the factory paint and won't void the manufacturers warranty. So if you feel your dent may be the right match for Paintless dent repair give King's Ding Repair a call today.

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