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Dent Removal Services in Norfolk, VA Beach, Richmond and everywhere in between

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

A dent can happen at anytime and any place. This customer in particular happened to hit something in the road that kicked up and hit the bottom of his door. When a dent like this happens you think where can I get this repaired and where can I take that will have it done in a timely manner. Well a mobile Paintless Dent a Removal company is a great place to start a search. Dents like this can typically be fixed using the ”PDR” or Paintless Dent Repair method even though there is a scratch in the center of the dent. The scratch can be touched up after the dent removal is finished and that is the route this customer took. So when something that happens think Paintless Dent Repair and call King’s Ding Repair your local Dent Removal specialis.

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