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Dent Repair on a Body line!

Updated: Jun 7

This Gentleman’s Honda CRV had a misfortunate accident with a trash can in Williamsburg as he was leaving his house. Fortunately he found King‘s Ding Repair to service his vehicle on location without the headache of not having a vehicle for a week or two. Dents on body lines can be difficult to bring back to its original form but with the right training and patience this dent was able to be bright back to its manufactured state. This reduces the risk of getting it repainted and having the paint not match or the possibility that an aftermarket part was used and doesn’t fit correctly. Paintless Dent Repair is a preferred method of repair when the paint isn’t damaged and will maintain the value of your vehicle without a report on a car fax. This repair was performed using specialized tools and techniques to slowly push the dent back out and reshaping the body line back. So the next time this happens to you consult your local dent repair company( King’s Ding Repair) for a free consultation

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