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Mobile Dent Repair without disturbing the factory paint

Did you know that dents like these don’t necessarily need to go to a body shop for weeks at a time? When the paint isn’t compromised paintless dent repair (PDR) could be the right repair option for you and your vehicle. The dent repair process for this particular dent was nothing too complicated other than this dent had to removed nice and slow. Heat needed to be applied a little more often to keep the older factory paint workable to keep from fracturing. To gain access to the back side of the dent I had to remove the tail light and some of the interior trim inside the trunk. After working the dent for several hours back and forth from one end to the other the dent came out as planned and no need for body filler or aftermarket paint. Paintless dent repair saved this car dealership time and money from having to send it down the road to a shop where the vehicle would be out of sight from potential buyers. So if your car car has a dent like this paintless dent repair could be your answer. Contact us today to see if your dent is a good candidate for our mobile paintless dent repair service.

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