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Paintless Dent Repair that the competition passed on

In this video I will repair a foot long crease dent on a 2018 Genesis G90. A local dealership in Williamsburg called and asked if I could come by and check out a dent that their other dent guy said it couldn’t be done. After a brief analysis of the damage I assured the service manager that the repair could be done and I started the repair on the spot. I started working the dent at one end of the crease and started working slowly towards the other. As I’m doing this I would work an inch or so of the dent and then work my way back towards where I started and then work another and keep repeationg until I got to the end. That helped the dent come up naturally without forcing the metal to quickly. This repair was complete in about an hour and half with both the dealer and the customer thrilled with the results.

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